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Our services are extensively focused on the Access control system, Digital marketing, CCTV surveillance, video door phone, computer networking and network system, and Wi-Fi solutions.

IT Hardware and Installation Division

Video Door Phone

It offers you an intercom system that is used for making calls from the entrance of the building. It doesn’t only increase convenience but also increases safety. If there is a remote control system then it makes it more convenient.

CCTV Surveillance

It is primarily useful in decreasing theft, vandalism. CCTV surveillance is a very effective method to monitor the surrounding as well as it reduces manpower costs in the long term. It also keeps a boost to productivity due to your eyes on workers.

Access Control System

The main benefit of the access control system is helping restrict certain areas as well as it is going beyond standard doors. It is also helping to save energy and costs as well as easily record the data and simplify the employee turnover.

Computer Networking

A good computer networking system will reduce the amount of money that has been used by your business. If you are looking for long-term storage and efficiency improvement then we can help you with our computer networking.

Network Security

In this fast pacing technical advanced environment, it is necessary to have high-quality network security. It is important because it will mitigate the risk as well as protects the proprietary information in the long run.

Structure Cabling

It is indeed necessary to improve business productivity. This will support all the infrastructure as well as advanced rapidly growing technology with ease. To cope with the increasing bandwidth and network speed requirement it is the best option.

Laptops and Desktops

We are offering laptops and desktops that are highly durable, performing, and secure. They are some of the best systems for any kind of workstations. If you are trying to increase the efficiency and mobility of your workplace then choose us.

IP / EPABX Telephony System

This system will enhance the working environment by providing advanced communication features as well as significant doses of scalability. Using this system, you will be able to send data packets without phone wire lingering.

Wifi Solutions

In our Wi-Fi solutions, we are offering all kinds of solutions for the problems. Here, you will get all kinds of solutions for the Wi-Fi as well as you may also get a new Wi-Fi installation. We take care of all your needs and budget while providing the best services.

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IT Software Division

Our IT software division is full of solutions and technology that will only enhance the overall outcome of the results you are thriving for. We have a highly advanced IT software division and we keep innovating it for a better purpose.

Digital agency

Digital Agency SEO | Creative Service | Social Media |Marketing | Paid Ads | Content Marketing | E-Commerce

With the help of our best professionals, we can provide you the best search engine optimization (SEO) packages and social media optimization (SMO) packages to rank within the top ten in Google or other search engines. We do an extensive keyword search, in-depth site analysis, backlinks check, canonicalization, Meta tag optimizations, page speed optimization.

Web Development

Website Development | Web applications Development | E-commerce Websites | Web Portals

If you are searching for a website designing & development company in india that specializes in both static and dynamic websites, look no further. New Tech Solution is best and cheapest option for your business. Our designs are the right combination of skills, knowledge, and expertise to design websites that exceed your expectations.

App Development

IOS App Development | ipad App Development | Android App Development | Web App | Multi-Platform Mobile Apps

New Tech Solution is the leading application development company. We are expertise in developing best quality app for every business. We believe in providing the best quality and cost-effective solutions
To Our Clients: We have a team of professional who will understand your needs and make your dream come true. We offer stylish and innovative designs for every business needs.