Fire Alarm Systems

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Fire Alarm System has a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present. These alarms activated automatically from smoke detectors, and heat detectors or may also be activated via manual fire alarm activation devices such as manual call points or pull stations. Alarms can be either motorized bells or wall mountable sounders or horns. They can also be speaker strobes which sound an alarm, followed by a voice evacuation message which warns people inside the building not to use the elevators.

fire alarm system

Fire alarm system


An ionization smoke detector uses a radioisotope , typically americium-241 , to ionize air; a difference due to smoke is detected and an alarm is generated . Ionization detectors are more sensitive to the flaming stage of fires than optical detectors , while optical detectors are more sensitive to fires in the early smoldering stage. Black poisonous smoke is the first sign of fire , It can alert you even before the flames become visible , Or turn into a fatal enemy if left unnoticed . smoke detectors use cutting-edge technology to detect the faintest traces of smoke in a home , giving you enough time to get to the nearest extinguisher and defeat the fire , Dual chamber ionization technology provides the highest degree of sensitivity and reliability , An independent 9 volt power supply and a low battery warning system ensure that the smoke detector is always in working condition , The loud 85 dB(A) alarm guarantees to alert you even if a fire breaks out late at night also.

smoke detector
conventional fire alarm


A conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel employs one or more circuits , connected to sensors (initiating devices) wired in parallel . These sensors are devised to dramatically decrease the circuit resistance when the environmental influence on any sensor exceeds a predetermined threshold . In a conventional fire alarm system , the information density is limited to the number of such circuits used , To facilitate location and control of fire within a building , the structure is subdivided into definite areas or zones . Floors of a multistory building are one type of zone boundary. An Initiating Device Circuit connected to multiple devices within the same “zone” of protection , effectively provides 2 bits of information about the zone corollary to the state of the circuit ; normal , or off normal and alarm or quiescent . The state of each Initiating Device Circuit within a zone displays at the Fire Alarm Control Panel using visible indications called Annunciations.


The addressable alarm panel is also the more reliable of the two . This is because the wire connects to the control panel at both ends (see the diagram above). If one end of the loop becomes severed , signals can still be sent to the control panel via the other end of the loop . Loop isolation modules are also used to separate devices on the loop . This means that if one device becomes disconnected , it won’t disable the circuit . With a conventional system , if a wire has become severed , the device will become disconnected. Every device connected to the addressable system has its own unique address . When a fire is detected , the device’s address shows up on the main control panel , telling you exactly which device has been activated . This will enable you to find the exact location of a fire and extinguish them quickly.

addressable fire alarm


 Fire alarm sounders can be depending on the product and manufacturer of the device.  Fire alarm warning devices can also be set to different volume levels. Smaller buildings may have the alarm set to a lower volume and larger buildings may have alarms set to a higher level.

smoke detector

Smoke Detector

fire hooter

Fire Alarm Hooter

manual call point

Manual Call Point

fire alarm panel

Fire alarm panel

standalone detector

Stand Alone Detector

multi sensor detector

Multi Detector(Smoke + Heat)

lpg gas leak detector

LPG Gas Leak Detector

response indicator

Response Indicator

fire alarm siren

Fire Siren