security camera installation tips


Security cameras are important for the safety of any and all property, but they will perform only as well as they are installed.

Whether you install your security cameras yourself or have this professionally done, there are always going to be some important points to keep in mind to ensure maximum return on investment. For this post, we spoke with numerous industry experts about what areas they recommend paying attention to when installing security cameras. We will intersperse their thoughts on this subject with our own to give you a full picture of what to expect when you are just getting started with security cameras on your home or commercial property.

Test your equipment before committing to the full install.

Operate the camera and make sure it functions as expected. If possible, perform a dry run in the camera’s intended area (mount it with tape, a single nail or another temporary fix) so you can monitor and evaluate the feed. Can you see everything you want to see? Is the Wi-Fi signal strong enough? Is there glare or an obstacle blocking the field of view

Don’t install your camera using hardware or tools that may damage its components.

It’s tempting to jerry-rig a camera setting to achieve the perfect position. Don’t take measures that could damage or strain the casing, electrical components or lens.

Remember you will need to occasionally clean or maintain the camera.

Outdoor cameras are especially prone to dirt or pollen accumulation on the lens. Don’t install it in a way that makes it impossible to maintain.